Perfect Organ Assembly

by Wall of Ears



released 24 June 2013



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Wall of Ears Amherst, Massachusetts

Wall of Ears is what happens when As Cities Burn guitarists Cody Bonnette and Christopher Lott embrace experimental recording and writing processes. Perfect Organ Assembly pulls cues from the history of experimental composition and surrealist art, but never abandons the merry psych-pop of the sixties. Standard instruments are warped & morphed until they become unidentifiable: formless and new. ... more

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Track Name: Autosky
underneath our streets are more streets

i saw you flying
they think i’m built of numbers
they think you’re built of numbers
one hundred years down and time’s
made dust of bones

you could say that you will be ready
with a feeding tube strung through
your gas mask
all your words used to have meaning
but they lost their cores
float unmoored

should you get bored
turn to the screen with a steady pour
poor poor masses
little more slumber
little folding of the hands to rest
fold your hands to rest

i saw you flying in an automobile
in a dream on a road in the sky
Track Name: heavy hologram
you haven’t changed much
since i last saw you
you’ve retained all
all i value
still cut your own hair
wear your shirts inside out
your name brings a slippery beast
out thru my mouth

out thru my mouth
comes a beast for you
to use against me

years and years i carried you
in my brain
thru collapsing buildings,
cabins of planes
i repel the wind off of your
flame is a holographic dream

out thru my mouth comes a beast!
blood raining! confetti cannons!
Everyone, join in!
Baptize, fall in!
Brainwash Stalin!
Fold or all in!
Track Name: Miss Earth
eye miss earth when it had you
i miss the things we used to do
when i laugh, your tone echoes
in my mouth
the size of space
your body shaped
kinetic speech, a forever face
a love branching out
in all directions

the egg you laid
when your body greyed
gave birth to spirit rays
swam out your complex brain
into a spreading wave of

all who’ve came before
i’m still completely yours

remember that bad night
dismembered, cut you loose
now i laugh guilty at the sound
cos i could not forget the way
they laid in their sockets glazed
your eyes they made
no movement
just one last reflection

radiate to exit

of all that came before
i’m still completely yours

no one is final
Track Name: 05 Cancel Features
the bulbs all made you bald
white pieces of lightning flopped
now i can only look at words
my body/spirit transformed

we grew feet
now we're growing cars

gave a dollar to a baby
said, "go!"

it's a'coming round
it's a'coming round

take heed
Track Name: 06 Mind of Moss
mind of moss
you can't fit material
into a filled up box
in order to get in
you need holes
let the rest out the windows

i want love
where all that isn't waiting
behing a curtain
collecting dust

see to it you git around to a pleasant life

wash of thoughts
i dig through the parts you
thought you lost
and build a thing for you
to gawk at
i'm just a battery
to git you spiraling

i want love
where all that isn't waiting
behind a curtain
collecting dust

i'm just a battery
to git you spiraling