Hello Beautiful Nothing​.​.​.

by Wall of Ears



Two singles from the forthcoming sophomore release: Hello Beautiful Nothing.

Hello Beautiful Nothing furthers WOE’s musical evolution: engaging pop with layers and samples and themes so dense it sounds like a dream. Will be released in 2015...


released February 28, 2015

music by CW Lott, Jon Ruseski, Aaron Lunsford. Additional lyrics and artwork by Colleen Barry and CW Lott



all rights reserved


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Wall of Ears Amherst, Massachusetts

Wall of Ears oozes high-grade pop pleasure for a mind to dance to. Hello Beautiful Nothing will be released in 2015.

Perfect Organ Assembly (Broken Circles, 2013) pulls its cues from the history of experimental composition and surrealist art, but blends it with the merry psych-pop of the sixties. Standard instruments are warped & morphed until they become unidentifiable: formless and new.
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Track Name: We Go Outside

say what you want
and leave the rest to us
spray off your tongue
in a language burst

if we go outside
i will develop a thrill
chaotic unstapling of the brink

if we go topside
satellites are gonna take pictures of us
once out the outside?
squeeze me until my sensors vary

look at you sleeping like a child
a breeze thru your face
you look unweighted
like a tangerine

if we go outside
the air will involve itself with my face
once out the outside
i’m in love with an alien

we’re always watching you
Track Name: Balloon In The Sky
It's noon in your head
when you crawl right out of bed
anterior thaw of
neon palm tree in my brain
you give me wrinkle eyes
it's a good disguise

everyone loves a
balloon in the sky
knows not where it goes
doesn't even know why

my teeth are so small
when i smoke its pall malls
cesarean sky
it's only fair to die
if i get punchy
i don't care
it's only fair to die

whoa yes
wait a minute wait a minute
hello beautiful nothing
how many arms do you have?
i've got two too
but i am holding many more things than that
im grasping about twenty millions clicks of emotion
sitting her on this couch
melting as an ice cube
its not hard work
its totally chill