Hello Beautiful Nothing

by Wall of Ears

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HELLO BEAUTIFUL NOTHING is a mantra on the disintegrating boundaries between reality and obliteration. It is the second LP from Wall of Ears. It was recorded over the span of three years on both the East and West coasts, and features collaborations with many incredible musicians, poets, artists, and friends.


released June 16, 2017


engineered by CW LOTT & JEEF WEED
additional recording by JOSH HEAD
mastered by DAN COUTANT

music and lyrics byCW LOTT

words to "balloon in the sky" by COLLEEN LOUISE BARRY


performed by
CW LOTT • synths, guitars, organic electronics
JON RUSESKI • guitars, bass, special effects
TONY PETTIGREW • synthesizers, programming
BRYANT HAMMONDS • drums, percussion
MIKE BYRNES • mellotron orchestration


all rights reserved



Wall of Ears Seattle, Washington

WALL OF EARS is a Seattle-based psychedelic pop band, centered around the ongoing musical vision of CW Lott.

HELLO BEAUTIFUL NOTHING is both a reflection and a mantra on disintegrating the boundaries between ourselves and the hyper-complex world humming around us.
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Track Name: Sea Legs
come with me
thru the portal
see whats
behind your mind grime
our souls align

rip into this very second
time don’t
it don’t slow down
no, it moves around

this ain’t a dream
this is actual

pixelate into the darkness
sea legs
your head floats off
but there’s no blood

come with me
thru the portal
see whats behind
your mind grime
our holes align

come with me
in a second
time’s not
behind your mind
our souls around it
rip your limbs
thru the portal
sea legs
no slowing down
our holes align

a mirror reflecting a mirror reflecting a mirror
is it getting clearer
doin' fine in the hive mind

now we are everywhere at once
Track Name: Ray Gun
i watch you
crawling on all fours
you are a ray gun

you wrap your
legs around my face
filling my head up

you’re swimming
i feel you swimming
down my throat
cleaning my evil

you change me
i feel you transmutate
my blood
making me stranger
make me a stranger

i feel you
gushing out my pores
my voice is your voice
this song is your song

i am you
i watch you spread across my life
you are a ray gun
Track Name: We Go Outside
say what you want
and leave the rest to us
spray off your tongue
in a language burst

if we go outside
i will
develop a thrill
chaotic unstapling of the brink

if we go topside
satellites are gonna take pictures of us
once out the outside?
squeeze me until my sensors vary

look at you sleeping like a child
a breeze thru your face
you look unweighted
like a tangerine

if we go outside
the air will involve itself with my face
once out the outside
i’m in love with an alien

we’re always watching you
Track Name: Mind Moves
there's a light bulb
hovering above your brain beaming
hey - let's get out of town
midnite drive
with the windows down

so sick of thinking
just get in the van
out in the desert
we'll buy some land
and that'll be alright
that'll be just fine

ohhhhh what a miracle
to not by hysterical
with your mind moves
your mind moves

there's a light rain
drip drip drip dripping
off your frame
but still you keep your shape
thrill me everyway

in time minds find shrines to nest in
we are dangling in space
systems held in place
by nothing we can know
so what the hell's so funny
good thing i got my mind moves

dream of america
you've honed your exterior
where's your heartbeat

hello beautiful nothing
i'm happy to call you my little window
Hello beautiful nothing
I only see the holes you leave in me
Track Name: Talker
language fits
in my jaws

a rainbow encaged
atop a blubber skeleton
elongate your tendril to touch me
pardon, ces pas?
ewww your soul’s correct and I’m
a hot dog in the morning type of guy

we just need
a world to wrap our head around
it’s the opposite of being dead
pardon my French
but your soul’s correct
and I’m a hot dog in the morning type of guy

language fits
incorrectly in my jaws
but by breathing
cubeless shapes
down through your navel
I got everything I need

math moves around us in a circle
Track Name: Floating Off the Line
how glad the strangers are
when the sky line falls
in the neon lights
everybody wants to dance
bastard son of the dance
he’s got a liquid heart
in the neon lights
his little limbs they glow

i’ve been floating off
the line of what’s real
do i feel how X feels

living in the background

what do you say to those men
who want an interview
they speak to your body
while you’re floating outside your skull
you can always sleep when you’re dead
but what about the dreaming
on a saturday night
everything gets reset

i sing
therefore i am
and when i sing my voice
goes into your blood
into your mind

if you see something say something
Track Name: Brainthaw
why do i
seem to levitate
at the rate
of a vegetable
slow movements
floss my mind

every joke i make up
is something i saw on tv
little me coming back

you give it all away
mysteriously clean
zoom in from your satellite
an accident will make the moon
drink heavily

my dog don’t bite
he just sees
the dirtiness on your frontal lobe
picking up the signals
other senses
other worlds
inject a hot tub into me
muscle memory
coming back

things were open yesterday
gushing thru the screen
zoom in from your satellite
and find little me synching to the clouds

a man flexes his muscles and
explodes his t-shirt off his back

a lady goes on a diet of carrots
and tattoos her makeup on

you give it all away
mysteriously clean
zoom in from your satellite
an accident will sting
things were open yesterday
gushing thru the screen
zoom in from your satellite
its all just muscle memory
coming back
Track Name: Balloon In the Sky
it's noon in your head
when you crawl right out of bed
anterior thaw of
neon palm tree in my brain
you give me wrinkle eye
it's a good disguise

everyone loves a
balloon in the sky
knows not where it goes
doesn't even know why

my teeth are so small
when i smoke its pall malls
cesarean sky
it's only fair to die
if i get punchy
i don't care
it's only fair to die

whoa yes
wait a minute wait a minute
hello beautiful nothing
how many arms do you have?
i've got two too
but i am holding many more things than that
im grasping about twenty millions clicks of emotion
sitting her on this couch
melting as an ice cube
its not hard work
its totally chill
Track Name: Don't Ya Know
don’t you know
your little life leaves an echo
don’t i always know
your little life

albino moon
it floods the house
really drags my inside out
on the couch
in the dream
of your mouth

don’t you know
those carpets came from morocco

it’s three oh clock
it’s the magic hour
are you in the bed
are you in the shower
is it fine
do you mind
how you are

don’t you know I’m not real
i’m just like you
Track Name: Ooze Out
can’t recall all of your souls
but still you ooze out
can’t rip yourself
from the sentence
that fits in your head

can you remember all of your love?

can’t remember all of your life
but its on film now
from birth to death
pinwheels circulate in real time

can’t remember all of your life
wave to the camera
can’t rip yourself from the tongue
of the snazzy delay

can you remember
all of your love if
its constantly bending
away from its meaning
i’m letting my hair grow
i’m wearing my sun shades
i float into heaven
on helicopter blades

keep your soft parts alive
hold your head up so high

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